09 May 2006

A full week ahead

My schedule is extremely full this week. I aim to complete the first drafts of the phase 1 web copy for my client by Friday - that's seven or eight pages in total. Some of it has already been done for the brochure that was completed 3 weeks ago and just needs tweaking for web readability and search engine optimisation. Some has to be written from scratch.

I am in the middle of doing some pro bono copywriting and editing for a campaigning organisation that is close to my heart. This body has been through a major upheaval in the last 18 months, including a change of legal status. The changes are all in place now, in time for a relaunch, which is where I come in. I've been heavily involved in creating new membership information that will shortly be sent out. I spent two hours on the phone last night discussing various aspects. There will be an online meeting tonight for the entire team, which I have to attend as well, to discuss the roll-out.

I have a batch of documents to proofread for a regular client that are arriving in my in-box at odd times and need to be turned around quickly. Another client I have just taken on is using my services daily to proofread her letters before they are sent out.

I have two clients who need chasing for payment and I need to call my website hosting company about a minor matter.

Thursday requires my attendance at a local business networking meeting. I can see I'm not going to have a lot of free time this week. It helps, in a strange way, that my beloved P will be away on business for some of the week. I shall miss him, of course, but his absence will free up some time to catch up with the small tasks.

I have a holiday looming too, which means I need to find time to chase up old friends in the city we are visiting, so that we can meet up again. That involves e-mailing my ex-husband in Moscow, which I'm not looking forward to.

Enough waffling - it's gone 9 am. Although I've already done an hour's work, I still need to shower and dress and start tackling the workload.

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