12 July 2007

Normal service resumes (sort of)

Yes, I've been quiet for a week. It was hard to feel like writing much after Wimbledon ended (and you lot would probably have been bored if I'd gushed on about the matches). It was also hard to get back into working - I had an itch to watch Sue Barker come noon, before remembering that her job was done.

So - what have I been up to? Well, work of course, though not a lot. My lovely graphic designer and I are preparing a pitch for work from a luxury hotel in our locality. I've done a bit of editing here and there. And quoted for a couple of other jobs.

But my highlight since the tennis ended and Alan Johnston was freed was this - the Journobiz party. This splendid annual event gave me a good excuse to pop down to the capital for an overnighter. What could be more interesting than a roomful of 200 hacks and flacks? Well, probably quite a lot of things if you're not a hack or a flack but for those of us in the trade it was a good opportunity to meet up, talk shop and do what we do best (drinking, when we're not writing). Needless to say, I had a fabulous time and came home with an even fabulouser goody bag, thanks to all the flacks who got their clients to bribe, I mean spoil us hacks with nice treats.

I crawled home on the train feeling rough around the edges after a night on the Wyborowa. I felt even rougher when my train broke down at the station before mine and we got turfed off onto a replacement, which was also then cancelled. Just why is it so hard for Virgin to run Pendolinos that actually work? I finally got home 90 minutes later than expected in a seething rage about private rail companies. I feel a pitch to a travel ed coming on...

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