21 September 2007

End-of-the-week catch-up

I'm glad it's Friday night. It's been an incredibly busy week, with the next fortnight being equally heavily booked.

I finally signed off the big editorial project I've been involved with since early August and am looking forward to sending in my huge invoice.

In between, I sent out a couple of pitches (one promptly rejected, the other I'm still waiting to hear about), attended a breakfast networking meeting (which proved very worthwhile as I met two potentially useful contacts there), a feature of mine was published but I still haven't seen it as a copy has yet to land on my doormat, I hammered out a fast-turnaround copywriting job for a new client (then discovered from chatting to my lovely graphic designer that there will almost certainly be more regular work coming my way from said client), and got offered a potentially very large contract.

I also managed, with my usual aplomb, not to mention penchant for procrastination, to play several games of Scrabulous on Facebook, and do a reasonable amount of surfing.

As a result, I came across a very interesting blog site called Work-related Blogging, which is run by a university lecturer who is researching work blogs. He has a very impressive blogroll listing hundreds of blogs, many by disgruntled public service workers. Definitely worth dipping into for finding good blogs, as well as the interesting news posts on the nature of blogging.

Right, it's Friday - time to cook, open a bottle and forget about work for a couple of days...

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