11 November 2008

PR pap of the day

I think I'm going to have make this a very regular feature, such is the poor quality of the press releases dropping into my inbox every day (and worsening, too).

So, to today's:

One in Four People will Suffer from Mental Health This Year

That was the title. My initial reaction was shock that only 25% of the nation are sane in the brain and the remaining three-quarters are all stricken with problems ranging from depression to personality disorders.

My second concern was that there are only 7 weeks left until the end of the year. Does this mean that the population's mental health is only going to be suffering between now and then? Because really, if you plan to make a 12-month forecast it's best to do it at the start of the year. Alternatively, if you actually mean next year, then say so.

Reading the release, it becomes clear that, of course, the statistic is about 25% of people having mental ill-health. But with such a shoddy, misleading intro I just want to hit delete. After all, if the bunny can't get the title right, what's the chance of any of the rest of the statistics therein being accurate?


Anonymous said...

Love it. They say that the headline is the last thing to write, which really makes me wonder how great the story is.

PR Pap and a PR Gaff!

Unknown said...

I saw this and thought of you.

Unknown said...

Ha! Doncha know I'm a Blogger/WordPress gal? Real hacks don't use Typepad (although I suspect some readers may take me to task on my sarcasm... ).