02 December 2008

A very worthy cause

Just spotted on Press Gazette's website that they are teaming up with the NUJ to launch an appeal to help journalists in Zimbabwe.

This is a very worthy cause to support and you don't need to be a journalist to help. If you have any unwanted mobile phones, laptops or cameras, or even stuff like Dictaphones, they can be donated. What's become obsolete here in the UK can make a huge difference in a country where journalists have a shortage of such things - without kit, they struggle to get the news out.

Please spread the word and help if you can.
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The Slow Smoulder said...

I'm writing six days after the NUJ announcement, in the week when it is officially recognised that there is a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe. Yesterday saw strenuous calls for Mugabe to step down.

Whatever happens -- peaceful acquiescence, big talks between the local leaders or military action -- we need pictures and sounds.
I'm fearing a big fight which Mugabe could use to justify his accusations against the West, so we need to have the pictures to tell the story.

I'll be rooting in my "specials" recycling bin. And I've posted my own

Unknown said...

It's extremely difficult for journalists in Zimbabwe. Foreign journalists struggle to get in and domestic ones face huge harassment and even death to report on what's going on there. We so need the news to come out and keep the world info.

Alas, I donated two old mobiles last year to Children in Need. I've been toying with buying a new laptop though, or a netbook at least. If I do, my current laptop will definitely go to Zimbabwe.