13 June 2009

Catching up

My poor blog has been shamefully neglected once again. I must plead pressure of work, as I've been inundated with editing jobs and copywriting gigs. I've worked a lot of evenings but have also been making a concerted effort to get out more at night and weekends to socialise, so there's been less time spent at the keyboard when not working.

I've been exploring the possibility of doing an MA in Online Journalism - I filled in the application form, but to my embarrassment have yet to return it. This has mainly been down to the fact that I have to make a "personal statement" which, along with the interview, will be the determining factor in whether I'm offered a place on the course. The trouble is, when I went to uni to do my BA on my last career break, back in 1984, I wasn't asked to make a personal statement. I don't think these things even existed back then. I've made about dozen attempts to draft the statement and scrapped every single one as inadequate. Crazy, given I'm a professional writer. I just don't know what to say in it. I've never had to write anything like this before and I've no idea how it should be structured or if I'm supposed to plead my worthiness or whatever. I think I need to do some research. Online, of course.

The other big issue about the MA is can I afford to do it? Times are tough at the moment. Like all my freelance colleagues, whether writers or editors of whatever sort, I'm turning down almost no work just now as the future is too unpredictable. I don't want to take out a so-called career development loan to pay for my tuition fees because I fear being in debt (and have managed so far never to owe money to anyone). And I'd still have to support myself. I have bills to pay and a mouth and a cat to feed. And studying would have a massive impact on the amount of time available earning income. This is a major dilemma as I do really want to have a crack at the MA.

I need to make my mind up soon. That place won't be available for much longer.

Trivia: I've been listening to Electric Ink on Radio 4 the last couple of Fridays. It's a comedy series about the clash of old and new media at a newspaper. It's amusing in parts, especially the witty observations about cost-cutting and pandering to the advertisers, but the stereotyped characters are irritating and Robert Lindsay is wasted here. It's a shame as the potential to be a classic was there. I think I'll dig out my DVD box sets of Drop the Dead Donkey and Hot Metal instead.

I was vain enough to bag vanity URLS on Facebook today for my various profiles. Say hello to facebook.com/wordsmith4hire.

I will try to resume normal service again on here...


Mrs Woffington said...

How did you do with the MA? Dod you go for it in the end?

Unknown said...

Not yet, still dithering!