16 September 2009

Conference by numbers

I've just returned from my annual trip to the SfEP conference. It went something like this.

3 - people I really did not want to talk to.

2 - people who apparently did not want to talk to me.

8 - people who came to my workshop.

1 - workshop I attended, apart from my own.

9 - my room number.

100+ - people in attendance.

8 - people on my table at the banquet.

2 - bottles of wine on the banquet table for 8 people to share for the entire meal.

50-something - times I logged in to Twitter while sitting in seminars.

197 - total emails awaiting my attention on my return.

534 - items awaiting my attention in my RSS feed on my return.

1 - friend/chauffeur I fed when arrived home last night.

5 - minutes it took me to log into the campus wifi network (a record, as I had no problems).

0 - complaints I made this year (also a record, as I usually have at least one issue).
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Unknown said...

100+ attendees? Wow. That seems like a big drop from last year. But then, seeing as I didn't even renew my membership this year as I can no longer justify the expense, it's hardly surprising...

Unknown said...

It was probably closer to 150. I just couldn't be bothered to count my way through the attendance list! Sorry to hear you're no longer with us - you're right it's getting very expensive. I hear it's partly because of the alleged very high salary of the newest staff member in the office...