14 August 2010

Over and Out

It is time to say goodbye, dear readers. I have neglected you and this blog for far too long. I freely admit I have been too busy of late to blog. I also fear I have run out of things to say about the freelance life.

When I started this diary 6 years ago, elsewhere, I had big plans and high hopes. And for a long time I mainly hit my targets of three posts a week. But then, dear readers, I became seduced. My attentions were increasingly distracted by Facebook and Twitter, and, as the recession kicked in my time was increasingly taken up with finding new sources of work as old ones dried up.

And I started another blog, a public one where I could be me instead of an anonymous scribe diarising the trials and tribulations of self-employment in a precarious industry.The problem with that was some people started to match the public me and the anonymous me.

After all, just how many freelance writers-cum-copyeditors living with epilepsy are there in the north-west of England? Not many for sure. Possibly only me.
So, I'm outing myself. If you haven't yet realised who I am, you only have to pop over to my other blog to see for yourself.  And with that, it's over.

I'll still be blogging on Here's the Kicker... when the mood takes me. You'll also find me blogging on Where's the Benefit? for the foreseeable future, a collective effort by some of my disabled activist friends as we fight to preserve our disability benefits under the new Con-Dem government.

And Diary of a Wordsmith will stay up on the net for those who want to dip back into it.

Thanks are due to you all, dear readers, for following this blog, sharing your comments and thoughts and even quoting me elsewhere on occasion. Without you, I'd have been talking to myself for 6 long years, so thanks for coming along for the ride.

And on that note, it's over and out.

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Kristine said...

Yes, I'd figured that out - it was the cat as well;-)

Still, I've enoyed this blog, and I imagine it does feel easier to write about things under a pen name. One of the great blogging ideas this blog has given me is to write my one freelance type. You once linked to a hillarious post about different freelance types, but, even though I recognised a few, none seemed to fit me.

So I wrote my own, this was in May 2008 or so - and then I chickened out and didn't publish it. I've been tempted to publish it many times since, but I keep blaming this that or the other and haven't gotten around to doing so. One of these days though, after I get that dream assignment perhaps;-)

It was great finally meeting you in June at Newsrewired. I know I promised to drop you an email but I managed to injure my back on the way home, which kept me in bed for a few weeks, and then my wallet, with all the cards from Newsrewired, was stolen. July was such a nasty month it almost beggers belief. Luckily August is proving to be a much better month than July, not that it takes much but August is pretty cool so far. Actually, having a good reason to cuddle up with some good books (July), wasn't so bad either, pity it took a back injury, stolen wallet and abused credit cards for me allow myself to do so;-)