20 June 2007


I see it's been a week since I last blogged. I have been in a strange limbo. For one thing, I'm still learning to live without my legal drug of choice. Secondly, it's June - this is always a slack month for me in terms of editing work and copywriting. No one ever seems to have projects on the go in the summer, or the money for them. I don't mind as June is Tennis Month - so no work means I can fill my afternoons watching the French Open, Queen's and Wimbledon without guilt.

I have, in the absence of solid bookings, been pitching like crazy to various publications to sell my writing. I find I'm having to chase almost every editor, as almost no one is bothering to respond. I'm not alone in this cat and mouse game. It's great when a comms ed replies within the day and says yay or nay. Less great when you have to pick up the phone two weeks later and ask them if they have received your pitch and do they want the article. So I'm feeling a bit despondent workwise right now.

Lastly, my beloved P and I are going through what's usually called a "rough patch" and I'm having to face up to the fact that I may need to look for a new Wordsmith Towers from which to ply my trade. I could really do without this - life with P has, until now, been sustaining rather than draining. I don't want to be without him, but I'm not sure I have much say in the matter.

Yours despondently...

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