26 June 2007

Wimbledon 1 - Work 0

In between drafting press releases and fishing for some editorial work at a hot and hip new publishing house, I fully intend to watch as much tennis as possible today. The Mahut match starts in a few minutes so I shall sneak off to the living room to see if it's being televised. If not, I'll plod on with earning money until the closer of Henman's first-round match.

Poor beloved P - he didn't get fed until very late last night, glued as I was to the screen in pursuit of Tiger Tim's latest white-knuckle ride. There was no way I was going to cook anything until the match ended. I'm not a victim of Henmania by any stretch, as he can exasperate far more often than truly enthral but last night's play was just magnificent.

After the Henman match, whether I work or not will depend on what other unmissable tennis is due to be screened. Luckily I have no urgent deadlines to hit, else I fear my bank manager would be ringing me in despair.

At least P is home today, which means he can cook while being a tennis widower and I can get on with the important job of following the trajectories of fluorescent yellow balls 200 miles south of Wordsmith Towers...


Anonymous said...

I left work late yesterday, due to being glued to the screen watching Tim Henman.

A press officer rang up on the verge of match point to confirm an interview - I'd absent-mindedly picked up the phone and ended up providing running commentary on the last few points.

The TV has been turned off in the newsroom for the time being. Wimbledon could seriously affect my ability to supply my area with up to date news!

Unknown said...

Nice one Gary! It's good to know you have your priorities right - Tim's progress IS the news right now... :)