18 May 2008

Shifting priorities

Apologies for extended radio silence recently. Wordsmith Towers is on the move!

Blogs may be a bit erratic over the next few weeks but I'll be doing my best to stay up to date. Don't go away now.


Anne Brooke said...

Hope the move is as smooth as possible!


UrbanVox said...


IT will soon be me (next month actually)and I am dreading that!

All the packing and unpacking and things getting "lost" then putting everything back in order, organizing Internet, phone, TV and whatever else...

Oh well... never mind! :)

Have a smooth move!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, both.

It shouldn't be too bad. I have 3 weeks and can move in bit by bit as the landlord is a friend who has upped sticks for Elsewhere. Priority no. 1 is get broadband reconnected and buy a kettle!

UrbanVox said...

hell yeah...
Internet and a good cuppa!

I love your priorities! lol!

stay blessed!

Unknown said...

And good luck with your own move, urbanvox. I hate moving, really hate it, and each time I swear it will be the last. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that somewhere...

I feel the same way tho!