28 May 2008

Work 3, House Move 0

Despite the imminent house move, I am snowed under. It seems that the minute it was inevitable that Wordsmith Towers was going to shift, sod's law would dictate that I would be In Demand.

And so it transpired. Over the last two weeks, I have taken on 6 new corporate clients. Some web copy here, a brochure there, a mahoosive writing contract tossed in for the hell of it... On top of that, add in two press commissions for features (with a possible 3rd in the pipeline) and you might say my diary is full.

It seems to be an unwritten rule of freelancing that the more stressful your home life, the higher the chance of having work thrown at you. Obviously, I wasn't going to say no to anything. Moving costs and right here is where you start paying. Oops, sorry, wrong film. Moving costs, so new clients count as they offset the financial burden of shifting home/work. The only problem is, having said yes to everything I now don't have time to pack my stuff and move...

Right now, I've sort of got the phone/broadband doodah under control (but I might need to slaughter a goat just to ensure things go without a hitch) but I haven't had time to source a man with a van, boxes and all the other blah.

Which virtually guarantees that the Great Wordsmith Towers Move will be one almighty fuck-up. But hey, as long as the broadband functions and I can still work, does it really matter?*

Sod's law, innit. Normal service WILL resume at some point in the next 3 weeks.

*answers on a postcard to Wordsmith Towers II, Oop North

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