12 June 2008

Three days to D-day

It's been a case of controlled chaos this week. Monday I had a client meeting in another town, which necessitated my catching a train them the client collecting me from the station as their business premises is in the sticks(and with no car of my own I hadn't a snowball's of getting there solo). As luck would have it, my destination has two stations and the client, you guessed it, went to the wrong station to meet me, even though I'd stressed in the email to pick me up at the other one... So I got off the train and waited. And waited. And waited. Foolishly, I'd set out without the client's office number on me and the client didn't have my mobile number. After 25 minutes, I was fed up and the return train was due to depart in 2 minutes so I turned tail and headed home to find a message on my voicemail asking where I was...

The meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday lunchtime, this time with contact numbers being exchanged. Not sure I have the job, but I'm fairly heavily booked anyway over the next fortnight. In the interim, I edited the book on murders and spent ages on the phone booking "man with van"s to shift my stuff, and ordering goods online (dull stuff like a fridge and pedal bin - I lead such an exciting life).

I finally finished this week's work yesterday evening at around 7pm. I put the finishing touches to the book I'd been copy-editing then emailed it back to the author. All that remained today was to bill 3 clients, including my author. The decks are now clear to move...

On Saturday evening, I'll be dismantling the desktop PC as Man with Van no. 1 arrives early (and I do mean early) on Sunday morning to transport my office to Wordsmith Towers II. Once he's rebuilt my desk, I'll be setting up my router etc so that I'll be online asap in my new workspace. Back at Wordsmith Towers I, my laptop will keep me connected to the outside world...

Man with Van no. 2 arrives Monday morning with a set of muscle do the main removal (no. 2 being a proper, insured removals outfit). The moving kit I ordered (boxes, tea chests, packing tape, etc) arrives here tomorrow, meaning my weekend will be spent packing up. Of course, my office should be up and running by then, all being well. It's all going hideously smoothly so far. Which means things are likely to go tits up at some point. I hope not, as I'd like to be working again on Tuesday.

I'll try and blog again before the big day, but don't expect miracles!


Anne Brooke said...

Huge good luck with it! I'm sure it'll be smoother than you think.



Anonymous said...

I am moving on the 4th!!!!
Can;t wait but still dreading it!!! arrrrghhhhh!!!!! :)