11 June 2008

Watch the birdie

Since Sunday, my attention has been distracted by the pair of blackbirds building a nest in the shrub outside my office window. Every few minutes, one or other flies past, twig in beak, and I have watched, fascinated, as homing instincts kicked in. On Sunday, Mr Blackbird sat in said shrub for long hours, no doubt assessing its suitability as an abode safe from marauding cats and other dangers. Mrs B. then began ferrying twigs. By Monday lunchtime, the nest was almost complete. If I stand on my desk I'm eye-level with it, although no eggs have been laid yet. By the time they are, I will be nesting elsewhere.

The move to Wordsmith Towers II continues apace. The phone and broadband are on, the plumber is busy installing a new bathroom and I, well, let's just say I've been working 15-hour days clearing the decks of current projects so as to have some time to pack up.

Packing starts in earnest by the weekend and I hope to be offline no longer than 2 days and up and running again in one week's time.

I'm woefully aware that this blog has been neglected. The media diet is at least a month out of date (although, frankly, there's not much to report). I'm too preoccupied with moving and keeping the freelancing running smoothly. Normal service will be resumed asap. I promise.


Anne Brooke said...

Hope the move continues to go well - sending hugs.

The blackbirds sounds wonderful!


Juliet said...

Good luck with clearing the decks. Thank goodness for some overlap. Glad to hear the broadband and phone are up and running - that must be a big weight off your mind. Communications failure was the cause of my near downfall when I moved home and business simultaneously!