26 November 2006

Broken back

I've finally broken the back of the 3,500-word feature I'm writing. In the end, it was the looming deadline that forced me to stop procrastinating and buckle down. I perform better under pressure anyway. I have just some 250 words to scrawl now, to finish it up then I can submit it.

It's been a busy day - my beloved P has been struck down by a gastric bug so I've been administering cups of tea to him throughout, while talking to friends and family on the phone, dealing with another email backlog and clearing paperwork. I'm not a fan of working on Sundays - this is usually the one day a week I spend quality time with P, going for long walks, talking, having fun... but with him looking grey and flopped out on the sofa, I thought I might as well crack on. I don't intend to make a habit of it, though.

One of the joys of freelancing is that you can work odd hours, as and when, but generally I try to keep to "office hours" as much as possible so that I'm in synch with P, else we'd never spend any time together. So today was a one-off and is unlikely to be repeated for a very long time...

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