24 November 2006

End of the working week

It's been an odd sort of week. I spent most of Monday untangling my accounts, which was desperately overdue. When it gets busy it only takes a moment to type up an invoice and keep a copy aside, thinking "I'll file it into the books when I have a spare moment". Before you know it, there's a massive pile of receipts and invoices to enter and several bank statements to reconcile. Not my favourite job. In the middle of all that, my accountant let me know she's about to file my tax return. I was relieved to discover I won't be taxed twice on my foreign divorce settlement.

In between, I chased some pics for a feature I'm writing, did some copywriting for a regular client and spent hours posting daft haikus on a listserv I belong to. Hardly constructive - just procrastination because I'm stuck with the feature. I need to get my skates on as the deadline is looming.

And I've been chasing a regular gig editing a financial newsletter on foreign stocks. I hope this one comes off as regular work is always good. And finance is my speciality.

Wednesday evening saw me in the pub meeting a few local contacts with a view to setting up a local alternative news site. This idea has been tossed around for some time but now it looks increasingly viable, with a small team starting to form. I doubt it'll earn any money, not for a while anyway, but I really want to do it.

As the week draws to a close, I'm already starting to look ahead to 2007 and think about goals. More clients and more money are the obvious ones, but what else? I'm thinking hard about career direction, where I want to take the business...

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