09 November 2006

Forgot to mention

I also cooked dinner, emptied and refilled the dishwasher and put a load of laundry in the machine because the cleaner is here tomorrow and I want the ironing done.

I sound bitter in my last post. I'm not. I'm just tired and overwhelmed. And I missed The Archers and not even a dose of The State Within followed by EastEnders on BBC3 has lifted my mood.

Is it really less than a month since we came back from our holiday? It feels like a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being my best friend - thanks for being my mentor - thanks for holding me up and being there for me regardless of how busy you are - you're a star :) You deserve a million thanks.

Unknown said...


Love you too, hon!

You keep me going with our little chats when I feel worn out and in need of distraction! I've been horribly busy today with no time for a natter, but most days I look forward to an illicit skive online with you! It makes the day worthwhile.