14 December 2006

And now, for my next trick...

I've been tasked with creating a style manual for my new client. Yesterday's meeting went well, although it was startlingly brief. It was handshakes all round, a quick chat to reach agreement and that was it. Done and dusted in 30 minutes. I bit the bullet and took the Tube back to Euston (I loathe the underground to the point of phobia, but I only had to endure 3 stops and it wasn't busy), enabling me to catch an earlier train home than planned.

At Euston, I needed to use the loos - they are not nice. They cost 20p to get in and you can guarantee someone will have peed on the seat and there's probably no loo paper either, nor coat hooks. What's a girl to do when she has three bags and a coat? Luckily, I have one of these. This magic device is one of the few pluses to being officially disabled - the loo was free, clean, dry, private, and more spacious than my own.

The style manual will take me about half a day to write up. I've created these before, although never as a freelance. My client desperately needs one - the company is based abroad and all the copy is written in their native language and then translated. I get to edit the translated copy - while it's good quality, it still needs polishing. The style manual will ease both the translator's job and mine. I already have one on file I can use as a basis for the new one. Then the real work starts early next year.

Only two jobs booked in now between now and Christmas - the style manual and a small book for one of my regular clients. Then I'm taking two weeks off.

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