12 December 2006

Playing away from home

Yesterday afternoon was spent at a corporate bash organised by my beloved P. Usually, I hate these things as it means getting frocked up and having to endure small talk with people I wouldn't normally even glance at on the bus. However, P excelled himself by organising an event at a facility that is usually totally closed off to the public and had never, until yesterday, hosted a corporate event. It was a lot of fun and has given me an idea for a fantastic pitch for a feature, if I can place it. P reckons the facility owners would be keen on some publicity after everything went so well yesterday, so I doubt getting an interview would be a problem.

I'm going to knuckle down this afternoon and write my Xmas cards for my clients. Last posting date looms large. I still have gift shopping to finish and post too. I'm setting Thursday aside for that.

Tomorrow involves catching yet another train to London for yet another meeting. For once, the client is paying me my day rate for taking the whole day off to attend the meeting. I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with this client.

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