06 December 2006

No pausing to catch breath

Hectic, hectic, hectic...

I can hardly keep up with my life at the moment. My diary keeps changing - I'm off to London twice in the next week - Friday first, to spend the evening at a club. Purely for business networking. My poor beloved P is accompanying me (as payback for all the corporate dinners where I had to get frocked up for him), but he's in Brussels right now, so much hassle ensued to get his flights changed so he could arrive at Heathrow instead.

The next trip to the Smoke should have been Thursday next week, but has now been moved forward a day to Wednesday. Time to meet my big, new and very important client. The hotel where we're meeting is very posh and has a sushi bar. As one of the clients is Russian, I think I'll be foregoing the raw fish :)

Unfortunately, the change of date means that once again I'll miss the Connect Media North West meet-up in Manchester, as I simply won't be able to get back in time. Grr.

In the interim, I've got a business networking meeting on home territory tomorrow night. It'll while away the hours until I see P again. My lovely graphic designer and I have been planning a pint and catch-up for a while but trying to match up diaries is proving difficult. We're pencilling in sometime Friday week.

Then there's the corporate bash on Monday afternoon for P's sake, which I really can't wriggle out of, seeing as I refused to go to New York. Plus a medical appointment to squeeze in.

Good heavens - it's a wonder I've found time to get any work done!

Actually work's been a bit quiet this week, which is a good thing. It means time to write a brief for someone I want to commission for a major feature. And time to do my Xmas cards for my clients.


Anonymous said...

Ah well, will get you along one day soon ;-)

Unknown said...

One day, one day... I hope.

Events keep conspiring against me!