08 February 2007

Delays and low rates

I've just heard that the book I was expecting to arrive for editing has been delayed. No surprise there - delays are very common at the publisher's end. But it's left me with nothing to do, having blocked off a couple of weeks in my schedule to work on the book. It doesn't mean I'll be sitting on my arse for two weeks - just today and maybe tomorrow. And I expect short-notice work will come in. It usually does.

In the meantime, I'm left contemplating how best to fill my day. I will finally book the long-overdue haircut. And brave the snow to go to the bank. Then I can waste the afternoon watching my new box set of Dr Who DVDs (series 1, with Christopher Eccleston).

Someone contacted me yesterday asking me to write feature content for their website. I was cautiously in agreement, but asked what rate of pay was being offered. Back came the reply that the 10 existing 1000-word articles on the site had beenh bought in for around $200. Which meant I was being offered about £10 per 1000 words. And it's not even 1 April!

Magazines generally pay a minimum of £150 per 1000 words, often much more. And I can earn triple that writing for companies, no problem. Writing 1000 words is a day's work. For a tenner? I don't think so! I politely declined the offer.

I despair at the way rates are being driven down.

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