12 February 2007

Oh, the inconvenience!

I'm still crippled with back pain. I succumbed to the lure of the GP surgery this afternoon and came home with a prescription for opiate painkillers - at least I get to enjoy my state of unwellness (grin)!

The downside is that I've had to put the mockers on a romantic night out with my beloved P on Valentine's Day as I can't sit for long. I've also had to cancel a planned day and a half trip to London, which couldn't have come at a worse time, as I've just been offered the possibility of writing for a financial newsletter and the editor asked if I would be in London anytime soon to meet up. Grr.

I've also been cancelling work, as sitting for any length of time is so uncomfortable. I have a little booked in for tomorrow, which can't be avoided but should be manageable. And now I'm rejoicing that the book I'm supposed to be editing is delayed - last week I was cursing, but now this is a godsend.

Friends and colleagues have been offering their sympathies - it's good to have the support, even though I'd rather be mobile and productive.

The worst thing about being self-employed is sick leave is unpaid. There are policies available, but at vast expense, and they only kick in after 3 months anyway. I'm biting the bullet and it hurts...

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