02 February 2007

My week

Cigs: 20 a day (must cut down again).
Alcohol: 5 units a night Sun-Tues. Cut back to 3 units Wed and Thurs.
Gym: failed to attend again, but did use the mini-stepper in my office. Twice. For about 10 minutes.

My tourism feature went down a storm. Now awaiting publication, plus the URL. Pitched another 6 ideas to the editor. Awaiting feedback...

Invoices sent: 3, plus 2 pending. Plus letter threatening legal action for non-payment of interest on a bad debt.

Managed to make a start yesterday on the copywriting I should have started Monday. Failed to do any more today but I finished the style guide for a client that I should have finished last week. Will resume the copywriting job Monday...

Was offered another book to edit. That's due sometime next week. It should keep me off the streets for a couple of weeks.

Pitched for a freelance writing job on investment stuff. Waiting for a response. Also was contacted by the Investment Bloggers, to see if I'd like to join them, but their URL doesn't work. Ho hum...

The sun's over the yard-arm so it's time for an aperitif.

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