01 March 2007

Flavour of the month

I'm not sure what I'm doing, but it's obviously right. I seem to be Miss Popularity all of a sudden. I'm being offered work left, right and proverbial centre! Some I have turned down, such as the request to write 80-100 small features of 500-800 words apiece on specialist financial matters. Now, I'm not a qualified financial adviser by any stretch so I would have turned it down on those grounds alone (which I did, politely). A jobbing hack like me simply does not have the requisite subject experience to offer legally accurate info to people who are looking to save money. But what really put me off was the remuneration on offer. Dare I say it was a mere £25 a pop? Seriously, I could earn more cash stacking shelves in Tesco for less aggro.

The investment publisher I regularly freelance for has just offered me another book to edit. I was loathe to say no, even though my workplanner is busting at the seams, because the comms ed has just written me a glowing reference. So I said yes, after negotiating a small extension to the deadline.

My bank manager is soooo going to love me by the end of the tax year!

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