10 March 2007

It's all about the money

It seems that the busier I get, the more work gets thrown my way. I've been up to my neck all week, what with editing the Arab book and writing two features for a client. Yesterday, I was offered more feature work for an expat paper across The Great Ditch (that's the Channel, for any of you who haven't yet ventured across for a life abroad). I haven't said yes yet, as I'm waiting for them to come back to me with their rates. If they pay enough, I'll say yes.

I still have at least four features waiting to be written up for various clients. I shall have to make another day trip this week to get two of them done. And I'll probably do one of them today, once I've been out for a walk - the sunshine is glorious again here. Besides, it's the only way I'll squeeze everything in.

I bit the bullet yesterday and did my accounts, after not doing very much with them for a while. I'd been putting my invoices into the system, but not my expenses, and there was a lot of paperwork to get through. I'm still not 100% up to date, but my financial year ends at the end of March so I need to at least get on top of it. The upside was that I managed to shift a lot of paper off my desk - invoices and receipts, obviously, but I also filed a lot of non-financial stuff - style guides lying in the nether regions of my desk, client briefs, magazines and other such detritus. I'm feeling quite smug now and my desk looks wonderfully tidy.

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