13 April 2007

Writer's block

I'm struggling with writer's block today, hence the blog in the hope it might stimulate me to get something creative on paper. I'm halfway through writing web copy for my lovely graphic designer's new website and the inspiration has just - gone...

I am feeling stressed. Yesterday was one of those nightmare days when everything conspired to go wrong. A client wanted extra work done with no warning and I have no time to do it, so I spent a fair bit of time trying to outsource the work to someone else, time I should have spent on getting on with things. And I'm still waiting for clearance to give my sub-contractee the go-ahead. Two people contacted me wanting work done next week as well, and I had to say no. I hate turning away new business but I really had no option. That meant more time looking up contacts to pass on to my callers so they could find an alternative writer. I am fully booked for the next month and am already contemplating having to work over the weekend - again - when what I really want to do is spend time with my sister and unwind.

My phone rang non-stop yesterday too, causing further distraction and disruption to my working day. I am busier than I have ever been right now - while this is good, part of me longs for the days two years ago after I first went freelance when I had time to potter between jobs and do the paperwork at my leisure. Those days are long gone and now I am seriously considering if I should outsource my paperwork too so I don't lose control of my business. I feel like crawling into bed and pulling the duvet over my head so it all goes away. But I'm made of stronger stuff than that.

Ok, break over. Moan over. Time to crack on.

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