30 April 2007

Computer says no

Well, the keyboard is officially stuffed. I had a splitting headache all afternoon after pounding away on my beloved P's sorry excuse for a keyboard, not to mention sore fingers and an aching shoulder. We have managed to fix mine temporarily and I'm typing on it now, but it's already tried to die again on me. Something is loose inside and unfixable on a long-term basis, so I have no choice but to haul myself to the PC shop tomorrow and shell out for a new one. It's that or risk my RSI returning by using P's again.

The printer is also dead. Permanently. P tried to repair it, but it refuses to work. So now we have to shop for one at the weekend. Not that I mind - I hate inkjets and have been planning for some time to buy a laser all-in-one, with scanner and photocopier. It's perfect timing. I just hope Wordsmith Towers can survive without a printer for 4 days.

Not been one of my better days. I suppose I should be grateful that the washing machine didn't blow up this morning...

Have also dealt with the ignorant paper ed by suggesting - politely - that they purchase a copy of Fowler's...

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