01 May 2007

Normal working life resumes

I've just had a pleasant 2-mile walk in the sunshine to the PC shop and back. I'm now in possession of a shiny new USB keyboard, meaning I can work again. The relief is immense. I'm going to have to buy a proper one though at some point. Forking out £20 is fine in an emergency, but I think I need to invest more in something that won't die on me after a year. My PC is 4 years old and this is the 4th keyboard I've had.

Still no printer - I need to do some research for that and shop around.

I unexpectedly got commissioned this morning to write a feature for a regional online media hub. No pay, unfortunately, but I've been offered the possibility to join the paid freelance roster later if this goes well. So now I'm off to write the copy of my life...

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