24 April 2008

Home again

I know I love my job but even I need a break sometimes. So I took a week off and flew to the Med, where I had a splendid time sightseeing, eating, drinking and enjoying some sunshine. It was 7C and hailing when I left. Today, it was around 15C and the bluebells were out here - returning to a lovely spring day after baking in a searing 30C is just the ticket.

I managed to avoid newspapers completely while away. I was not even tempted to buy the Cyprus Weekly. The hotel offered only BBC World, a channel so tedious it's bearable only in 5-minute bursts. I even stayed off the internet, a rare feat for me. I had 2 hour-long stints in a net caff to check mails and make sure I was not missing any important work offerings. And that was that.

The downside was returning to several hundred emails and a mountain of post. I had a leisurely day pottering at my desk before I get stuck in again tomorrow in earnest. Welcome home...

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Anne Brooke said...

Sounds like a fabulous holiday - lucky you!