07 April 2008

The typo trippers

Craig McGinty drew my attention to the typo road-trippers earlier today, knowing full well I'd love the story. These guys are heroes.

I confess I am of the same ilk. I carry a red pen in my bag and embarrass my companions when I start correcting menus in caf├ęs. I take photos of misspelt signage. And I have no shame in pointing out (loudly) people's errors on their documents ("Did you know you've got two ells in 'apollogise'?") In short, I happily do gratis for some what I charge others for. Simply because I can't stand typos. And I care.

Jeff and Benjamin are in another league - they make me look like a lightweight. I am, compared to them. I don't think I'd have the bottle to take on an entire nation. And besides, I'd probably get nicked for vandalism here!

It speaks volumes about educational standards today, though, that such errors are so routine and widespread that two young men feel compelled to cross an entire country tippexing as they go. We need more Jeffs and Benjamins.

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