05 April 2008

Media Diet Week 14

Press: once again I found myself buying the Guardian and the Sun to read on a train. I'm so used to reading online editions now that hard copies just feel, well, odd. The main plus is that I get to do the sudoku and crossword. I'm starting to like Look. I mean, what's not to like? It's a quid. It rounds up the best high street fashion each week. And it has short and snappy sleb features such as "Amy Winehouse: why I can't give up drugs". I bought another issue this week and feel drawn in. I tell ya, it'll be downhill from here on in.

Blogs: the hot tip right now is The Churner Prize. Sheer brilliance. As a hack who deplores churnalism, this blog really nails the culprits. Name and shame is my motto (well, one of them, anyway) and this does it admirably.

TV/radio: I've had a crazy busy week, leaving little time for much viewing and listening, but it has to be said, dahlinks, that this week when it came to TV, the star of the show was me. I got to sit in Jeremy Paxman's chair and be quizzed by the inestimable Race Noddy and, and, AND win the debate on points. What could be better? And thank gawd yet again for iPlayer, which will allow me to catch up on the Apprentice, EastEnders and owt else I've missed due to illness and propping up Aunty single-handedly. I did catch the finale of Torchwood - suffice to say I was shocked that Owen and Tosh got killed off. I guess they had better offers before season 3.

Books: I've started The Cipher Garden. So far so good, despite being only 100 pages in. I trust Martin Edwards not to let me down. I like the Daniel Kind and Hannah Scarlett characters, both of whom are developing admirably. Other crime-fic writers should take note. This is an easy, undemanding read yet with a very decent layer of complexity that requires close attention.


CMasterson.com said...

I enjoyed the ‘Phony Astronomers’ slip up in the text. I got a kick out of the idea that some "scientist" had been called to task on some observations, but alas, it was just a typo. Sadly, no Scientist had been knocked off his high thrown.

Other professions are called hacks or idiots when wrong, but "Science" gets away with the lofty phrase "peer review works".

Anne Brooke said...

Ah, Torchwood - thank goodness Ianto and Jack are still in it!!!



Anonymous said...

Sheer brilliance eh, Wordsmith? We blush. No slacking now.

The Churner Prize Guys.

Unknown said...

@Anne: Thank gawd indeed. And Gwen. I can live without Owen but I'll miss geeky Tosh.

@Churner & co: No slacking is about right! You are the talk of the hackosphere this week. Show me some linky love...