08 August 2008

Media Diet Week 32

Press: this week's bad news was the announcement is that Press Gazette is to stop being a weekly publication and go monthly instead with a focus on features rather than news. The rumours were already circulating in late July that this might happen, so it's not a surprise. A monthly is not going to be much use to journalists, though, in today's fast-moving media environment. It's only a few weeks since I renewed my annual subscription and I feel a bit short-changed. Editor Martin Stabe was quickly challenged on Twitter by readers and said he would try to find out what the situation for subscribers is... Well into August now and the silly season is upon us again. And (you couldn't make this up, honestly) who should pop up from the past but Joyce McKinney. What perfect timing!

Blogs: seems like everyone is on holiday right now, the blogosphere is so quiet. I'd like to draw your attention, though, to my friend Craig McGinty for his wonderfully thoughtful post on the internet and creativity. There's a lot to consider in what he says and it's certainly a call to action of sorts.

TV/radio: it's begun. Saturation coverage of the Olympics. I suspect I'll be listening to Radio 4 a lot more than usual over the coming fortnight in an attempt to get away from it (and isn't The Archers brilliant right now, with Will Grundy missing after attempting to murder his brother because they both love the annoying Emma). Fortunately, China's massive time difference (7 hours ahead) means the evening TV schedules shouldn't be too disrupted.

Books: I'm still reading Mark Billingham's fabulous Death Message, although I hope to finish it tonight. That'll be followed, I think, by Alistair Campbell's diaries, unless I'm tempted by something else in my to-read stack.

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