22 August 2008

Work - what I'm doing...

I've been so busy lately blogging on various issues that I've not really said much about what I'm actually doing.

Back in May, I signed a massive contract to write stuff for a book (not write a book). That job started in June and I'm plodding away at it. The initial contract runs until mid-September, but I've since been offered writing work for the rest of the year on the same project.

I'm juggling two mid-sized web copywriting projects in between, as well as copy-editing for my regular editing clients.

Where I've had time (and ideas) I've been pitching features to various papers and magazines. My hit rate of late has been slim, but that's partly because I've not felt massively inspired and partly because I've not had the time to drum up ideas. In between all the work, I've ended my relationship and moved house so keeping an income flow through my regular work took priority and the journalism took a back seat somewhat.

I write this exhausted. I was up at 5.30am to catch a train to London. My day was spent firstly seeing one of my regular magazine editors to discuss the state of play for the next issue, followed by lunch with a freelance hack pal, followed by a lengthy meeting with an author whose book I have agreed to take on for editing (it needs restructuring first, then who knows).

By the time I arrived home, I'd been out for more than 12 hours, 5 of which were spent on trains (I'm excluding travel within London itself). I do these kind of trips once every two months or so. Because of the 200-mile distance, I have to maximise every trip and cram in as many meetings as possible before collapsing onto a train for the home stretch. I got home to a bleeping answering machine, more than 70 emails and a very pissed-off cat.

To those who think freelancing from home is all daytime telly and entertaining mates who drop round for coffee unannounced, I'd like to see you do all that and somehow be in a good mood when you get home...

When you work for yourself, bringing in the work is the no. 1 priority. Which means meetings and travel and putting yourself out there. I don't have time to schmooze friends during the working week, much as I love them. Schmoozing clients, real or potential has priority. Else the mog and I go hungry.

Media Diet will be posted tomorrow. I'm off to bed.

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