24 April 2009

Good clients, bad clients

After all the faffing earlier in the week with the headhunter, there was a resounding silence. By lunchtime, I was sufficiently irritated to fire off a politebut should have been cranky email to enquire what was happening. The headhunter hadn't heard anything either. Apparently the client is in London and not responding to emails... So, the wait continues.

On the plus side, the banking client accepted my quote to redo their web copy (despite me plucking a ridiculously high figure out the air - proof that banks are still profligate with others' cash). I'm hoping that will turn into a regular gig to edit their forex materials.

Work today was slow, largely because of a hangover resulting from a lock-in at the pub and not hitting the mattress until 3 then getting up at 7. I still managed to churn out most of my workload although I'll have to play catch-up tomorrow so my client's inboxes are filled for Monday morning.

A glance through my emails has once again showed that about 80% of enquirers who ask for a quote never respond - not even to say "thanks but no thanks". The lack of manners pisses me off. I'd be even more annoyed except I know I'm not alone - this is a common complaint among my freelance colleagues. But, honestly, I don't want clients who can't be bothered to use basic good manners.

And now, I'm off out for fish and chips..

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