16 April 2009

Some perspective

Edwyn Collins is an inspiration, and that's official.

I saw him on stage years ago in Scotland, playing with the as-yet unsigned Orange Juice. I've almost certainly got some of his early singles stashed away somewhere. And I remember when news broke of his brain haemorrhage a few years ago, followed by a second one.

He's spent the last four years learning how to speak again and how to walk again, he's lost the use of his right arm and hand but has taught himself to draw and paint with his left hand instead. And he's started gigging again.

There's a great blog on the BBC website about his struggle to pick up his life again since 2005. It certainly puts my own health issues into perspective and I feel slightly ashamed that I've whinged a bit here and elsewhere over the last few days. I'm truly grateful that I can work fulltime, apart from the occasional bad day. I really am going to try and remind myself that however difficult things get, others, like Edwyn, are dealing with much greater difficulties.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

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