21 April 2009


Just when it looked like my work supply was going to dwindle to a trickle and I'd have to start pitching again and hawking my body for hard cashmarketing myself to potential clients, a couple of things happened.

First, my current major client offered me a vast quantity of extra copy-editing work.

Then a headhunter approached me late last week. The email was bare bones, but just tantalising enough to entice me to respond. The upshot was I hauled myself off to the hairdresser for a long-overdue haircut (4 and a half months is almost a record for me and I had meant to go sooner, but work got in the way), then I scrubbed up this morning, put a suit on and went off for an interview, with no idea who the client was, what the job entailed or owt else.

I almost walked when told I'd have to do a "personality test". I'd rather be judged on my merits, thanks. However, after being reassured it would only show how I like to work, I filled in the form. It was spookily accurate but showed I was a great match for the job so now I'm waiting for interview no. 2. (I can't say any more about the job just now, except that the client wants a full-timer and I don't want to abandon freelancing - unless we can agree on hours, and money, this will come to nothing.)

It was clearly my day for being offered work - on arriving home, a nice French translation job landed on my lap, followed by a call from yet another overseas investment bank in urgent need of an experienced financial editor (perfect timing, it'll replace the banking client I dumped in February).

And just as I knuckled down to an evening of copy-editing, to catch up for the lost morning, yet another email arrived offering me commissioned feature writing for an online publication.

At lunchtime, I was semi-tempted by the headhunted post - now I'm not so sure...


Unknown said...

Nice! Now that I *have* to revise for exams in May, I'm finding a lucrative offer of work dropping into my inbox every 3-4 days. Last month, when I didn't need to revise and really could have done with the work - nothing.

Still, on a beautiful sunny day like today, when I can sit and work outside while the cat chases butterflies... can't complain.

Anne Brooke said...

It's all go then - good for you! Hope it all works out the way you want it to.