26 June 2006

Hedgemania but no Henman

I put in 10 hours today, finishing off the hedge funds book. I was thoroughly sick of it by the time I mailed the last file back to the commissioning editor.

Some of the problems I had to deal with:
- French punctuation everywhere;
- some completely garbled and unintelligible paragraphs;
- uneditable graphics files;
- a contents list that bore little similarity to the chapter titles, plus a list of illustrations that was somewhat different to where they had been inserted into the copy;
- a list of references that could best be described as sloppy.

I could go on, but you'd only get as bored as I was...

On the plus side, rain stopped play at Wimbledon so I didn't miss Henman's opening match.

On the downside, when I sat down after dinner with a glass of wine to catch up with the news, I logged in to the Guardian only to find this...

Bah! No getting away from bloody hedge funds...

At least I have a day off tomorrow.

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