22 June 2006


Thank feck it's nearly Friday! I am worn out. I've had my head in hedge funds all day and it's not a pleasant place to be. I have learned far more than is polite or advisable about share equalisation methods, for one thing. Somehow, I managed to edit 50 pages in 8 hours - trust me, that was fast, given the quality of the text. I took lots of mini breaks to read e-mails as they came in and to surf my favourite business networking forum. I'm now about 2/3rds of the way through the text, so with any luck I'll be finished by the end of Monday. I had no reply yesterday to my e-mail to the commissioning editor - I rang her this morning, only to get her voicemail. Gah! I left her a lengthy message and urged her to call me back. Guess what? I've heard nowt... such is the editor's lot. I'll have to chase her again tomorrow, when I could be getting on with actually editing.

At 6pm, I downed tools (keyboard, mouse, dictionaries) when the beloved P came home. He poured aperitifs for us and we caught up on each other's news (mine being very dull). At 7pm, I slunk off to unwind with a dose of EastEnders. Then I grilled steaks and poured wine.

My other soap passion, of course, is The Archers. One of these days, I'll bore you all with my special interpretation of the World of Umbrage...

Now? It's nearly time to crash with a good book... (currently re-reading HP and the Goblet of Fire).

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