27 June 2006

The last word on hedge funds

I swear! This is the last time I'm going to mention this book.

I was pretty grouchy and tired when I blogged last night, and I needed a good moan. Actually, the book is pretty good. I've no idea when it will be published (autumn, at a guess) but for anyone interested in hedge funds or thinking of investing in them or even - dare I say - has already tied up large wads of cash in them, I'd say it will be an essential read. It's a fairly comprehensive investigation into the management of offshores, most of which seem to lack regulation and have a distinct lack of accountability to their investors. The author clearly knows their stuff and has created a template for how hedge funds ought to be conducting their business.

And now, of course, the prose is perfect, polished to perfection by yours truly.

I do a lot of financial editing. I used to work as a financial editor for a major European investment bank before I turned freelance.

I've now edited two books for this particular publisher, which specialises in financial books. I'm expecting another one shortly.

But not today, thank goodness.

Today will be spent putting the last touch to a trade-publication ad for a client, chasing a payment from another client and sending invoices.

And, if it ever stops raining, watching a bit of Wimbledon...

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