24 June 2006

Work-free weekend?

I wish....

I downloaded my e-mails this morning to discover that a regular client of mine in the Netherlands had mailed me on 13 June to offer me some more editorial work (I'd completed a job for him that very day) but his e-mail took 11 days to reach me! I was gutted as this client is a prompt payer and pays the rate I asked for. So I missed out on at least one job, possibly two, when I had spare capacity to work for him on the 14th and 15th. And worse, he probably thought I'd ignored him, so I had to write an apologetic reply explaining that I hadn't been ignoring him at all but simply hadn't received his request on time.

Having despatched my apology, I logged into The Guardian website to catch up on the news. I had to laugh when I looked through the Work supplement. There, in glorious black and white was an article on hedge funds... you couldn't make it up, really!

There is no escape...

Still, I'm not planning to actually do any work. I want to be outside in the fresh air today, after being hunched over a keyboard all week. But I haven't actually decided what I want to. Possibly a leisurely walk through the local park to feed the tame squirrels with monkey nuts. A spot of gardening (my herbs need tending). Some creative cookery looms this evening - probably venison steaks with a red wine and mushroom sauce. And of course, we shall be sitting in front of the tv promptly at 7pm to watch Dr Who.

I'm trying not to think about Monday afternoon - I shall be struggling to complete the hedge funds book and am likely to miss Tim Henman's first-round match at Wimbledon. Bah!

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