23 June 2006

If only it were true...

According to this morning's news, today is supposed to be the happiest day of the year.

I suppose it would be if you didn't need to work (or had booked the day off), that your friends and family were equally time-rich and keen to go picnicking with you.

I expect that most people, like me, are just going to laugh when they read the news.

Let's see - it's grey outside with a top temperature forecast of 19C, with possible showers. I'm so up to my neck in work, I'll probably not have time for lunch (but I will try and grab a coffee break with the cleaner when she's here). I have back pain today ( a recurrent problem), and I only had 6 hours' sleep last night, so I'm feeling a tad grouchy. I'm unlikely to see any friends before tomorrow. And there's no EastEnders on tonight because of the sodding football.

Happiest day of the year? Don't make me laugh...

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