12 May 2007

Hacks hacked

My irritation yesterday about being locked out of my favourite journalism forum turned out to be groundless. I was indeed unable to get in and post, but so was everyone else. Idiotic hackers attacked the site, leaving all us poor isolated freelances feeling even more cut off, depending as we do on such forums for professional company and support. No doubt the site owners were hacked off too.

Enough of such dreadful puns. The forum is back up and running as normal again and guess what everyone's talking about since we regained access - not the hot news stories of the day but our experience of being deprived of the forum!

Elsewhere, the postie brought me a copy of the new monthly paper I've started writing for - it's good to see my words in print abroad. I've already written my next feature for it, but still have another piece to produce before next weekend's deadline. I hope this will lead to more work for other publications as I strive to increase the amount of journalism I'm doing and cut back on the copywriting. The latter pays better but is more stressful and less enjoyable. I'm lacking a decent book to edit right now too. It could be a quiet week ahead.

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