11 May 2007

The slog and the telly

It's been a long week...

I've been under the weather, unmotivated and feel like I've failed to hit my targets. That said, I did manage to tick off everything on this week's "to do" list. I finished editing a private memoir, worked on some web copy for my lovely graphic designer and spent hours on the phone. I also tackled the first of two journalism commissions - 500 words on, well, it doesn't really matter... I did the first 480 in less than an hour as I was on a roll, then I spent the next two hours staring at the screen and struggling to find 20 words to complete the feature. I hate days like that. Now I just have another 1,500 to do Monday. Plus 300 for another mag.

Most annoyingly, I discovered I was locked out of one of my favourite hacks' forums. I'd popped in and out several times during the day to keep tabs on all the gossip and professional discussions. This evening the site decided I was persona non grata and has barred entry by telling me I am not authorised to enter a restricted area. I deleted cookies, rebooted the PC and tried a few other tricks, but no. I'm still locked out. Grah! I fired off an emergency email to one of the site owners to se if they can solve what is clearly a technical problem. Fingers crossed I'll be back in tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've watched EastEnders (which is pretty damn perfect right now), opened a bottle of Italian red and am about to indulge myself with the first episode of a new series of Balderdash and Piffle.

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