17 January 2008


Despite a less-than-brilliant start to 2008, I've been feeling lucky the last 2 weeks. I don't know why - I'm not the sort of person who feels surrounded by "luck", I'm someone who's always had to work hard, even fight for what I have, and have achieved. I'm not a pessimist, nor a "glass half-full" type, although I am a cynic.

So to suddenly feel "lucky" feels very odd. I can't describe it - it's just a kind of aura around me that makes me believe that things will definitely go my way. On a whim, I bought a scratchcard while in my corner shop - that gave me a 1,000% return. Then I had winnings on another. One of my premium bonds won me a prize (sadly not enough to retire on). I got offered a fantastic writing job for an overseas client. I cracked a newspaper column that was widely reputed by my freelance colleagues to be impenetrable to us non-staffers, given that the benchmark to beat is His Eminent Wonderfulness Lord Stephen of Fry himself. But somehow, I did it. Today, I was offered another, potentially lucrative and long-term, writing/editing job. And so it goes on.

I keep thinking it won't last (that's my inner cynic popping up to say hello briefly) and yet my gut instinct says this is going to be my year, certainly workwise. We shall see. But it does feel as though the long slog of the last three years' freelancing and networking is starting to pay off at last.

Anyone wanting to offer me a Julie Burchill style opinion column or publish this blog in book form is welcome to get in touch. Next year, I could be too big for my boots to want to talk to you...


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