11 January 2008

Media Diet week 2

A short week, as I plan to do this on Fridays in future.

Press: pretty much the same as last week. I still haven't even opened InStyle due to volume of work (bugger, cos I need a fash fix) although I managed to flick though Good Food and the fashion pages of New Woman. I even read almost all of Eve. Press Gazette was back, hurrah! I'd missed it. No time to look at owt else this week.

Blogs: this week's stand-out was Dave Lee's hilarious account of his day out with Andrew Gilligan. A great piece of writing as well as the "dine out for months on this" factor. Otherwise, it's gone quiet. Almost all the bloggers I follow seem to be taking a break after Xmas.

TV/radio: I sat through the opening episodes of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach and wondered why I'd bothered. Too bloody smug for words describes the former. The latter was just dull. I watched Mistresses on Tuesday. Sarah Parish is always watchable and while this was predictable too, it had a certain glossy compulsiveness. I'll follow this to the end. At least it's nearly Torchwood time... The Archers was boring this week.

Books: still reading Attention all Shipping. Have started ploughing through the fetish porn to review for work, but am not finding it inspiring. Next book on the large stack is Rupert Everett's autobiog. Looks good, had better not disappoint.

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