25 January 2008

Media diet week 4

Press: not much to report this week, my diet's been pretty much the same as usual. Being ill and thus confined to the 4 walls of Wordsmith Towers has prevented me from picking up new reading material from my nearest corner shop or newsagent. The postie brought me a supermarket mag this morning - not one I'd written for but one I'd been a case study for, for another journalist. I'd forgotten all about it I did the interview so long ago. so its arrival was a nice surprise and I spent a good 30 minutes admiring the very fab photo of me taken by the snapper.

Blogs: journalist Linda Jones has resumed blogging on her Freelance Writing Tips site. A welcome return after the extended break as it's one of the top blogs around for plain-speaking advice. I also discovered Dougalfish, a new blog by another freelance editor, which offers some interesting perspectives on working from home and dealing with clients. I also tripped over another blog by an author, which I've decided shall remain nameless on here - suffice to say that for a published author, while she has a lively writing style, is passionate and has plenty to say, her punctuation and grammar are atrocious. So I was pretty shocked when said blogger blogged that she'd bagged a new job as a writing tutor. Enough said.

TV/radio: I'm seriously missing Pandora since it stopped streaming to the UK. I used to listen when I was pottering - invoicing, emailing, hanging out on Journobiz - but now it's silent. A year or so ago, I'd tried Last.FM and hated it but with the lack of any competition, I'm giving it another chance. It's going to be a pain inputting all my favourite artists again. On the small screen, it's been my usual diet of EastEnders, Torchwood and Mistresses, which by episode 3 has become ridiculously predictable, but I need a dose of trash TV.

Books: I finally finished Attention All Shipping and jolly good it was too. I've now started Rupert Everett's autobiography, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. So far it's been unputdownable and he's still only 18 and at drama school. Everett writes incredibly well - he is both literate and entertaining and I suspect I'll finish this one very quickly. Too soon, certainly. Expect different books in this slot next week...

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