31 October 2006

Eerily quiet

I check my website stats daily. It usually generates hits in the double figures every day, even at weekends. But no one visited over the weekend and I had only 1 sole page hit yesterday. One visitor has been today and looked at 2 pages. This is the quietest my website has ever been. Very odd.

I spent most of yesterday editing articles I've commissioned for a magazine. I'm still waiting for the short story to arrive and I have a lot of writing to do for my big feature. I started slogging away on it yestereday afternoon. I'd hoped for an easy ride, having emailed interview questions to my subject across the pond. Most of what came back was web links to other sites so now I'm having to do the research as well. Very slow going. Bah.


Fatman said...

Yeah. Everyone has days like these. Then again, thanks to Google, you have multiple people stumbling onto your blog because you wrote a series of words you don't even remember. I casually mentioned a bar I went to a year ago and I STILL have people ending up on my blog because of it. My Statcounter also informs me that people have found my site after they've keyed in 'lawnmower masturbate' and 'the foreign film where a fat man is screaming'.

Unknown said...

I meant my professional website, not this blog! But fair comment. The blog gets plenty of hits too. :)