17 October 2006

Normal life resumes

The holiday is well and truly over. I've caught up with my email backlog and mound of post. And today I got stuck into paid work again. A client I'm copywriting for at present has gone AWOL - mails and calls not being returned. My lovely graphic designer has the same problem. We are stuck. No going forward with the project until the client gets in touch.

In the interim, I've taken on some short fill-in jobs - a bit of web copywriting for a business consultancy, ditto for a web designer. No sense sitting around not earning money while waiting for absent clients.

It's been a time for being centre of attention - two journalists have contacted me in the last few days wanting to interview me about stuff I'm involved with (or was - one of the enquiries goes back 19 years to when I worked on a listings mag in Yorkshire). I was interviewed by Radio 4 about the latter - I must dig out the cassette I made from the broadcast at the time. I'm sure I still have it somewhere.

I thought about blogging for the History Matters project today, but decided not to. It's supposed to be about blogging your most average day. Trouble is, I never have an average day. Today is no exception.

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