18 October 2006

Interviews are like buses...

...you wait forever then 3 come along at once.

I've just done my first-ever podcast for an online business networking group I use. Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of networking when it comes to finding clients for the copywriting side of my work.

This particular group also holds real-time meetings, although not in my neck of the woods. Alas, I'm far too far north.

The podcasts are interviews with various members about their businesses and experiences of networking. I got Skyped by the interviewer and chatted for 10 minutes, unprepared, about what I do and how I find clients. Now I'm waiting for the edited version - minus the ums and ahs - to be sent to me for my approval. Then it will be uploaded onto the net. Apparently, the podcast site in question is getting a lot of hits - several thousand downloads a month. I'm new to the podcasting lark - I don't own an MP3 player and don't download music from the net - but I thought I'd give it a go.

I'm still waiting for the 2nd interview to take place - the journo in question is still doing his research so I have to wait for him to get back to me.

I've been busy copywriting a website today connected to the networking group. I myself have been interviewing - staff members, so I can write up their profiles. One was very nervous about talking about himself, the other was a joy to talk to - very funny and self-assured and gave me lots of great soundbites. And I've just won a very lucrative contract as well for a major editorial job, so all in all, it's been a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is impressive. Good luck with it all.