24 October 2006

Wasting time successfully

I've managed to waste most of the day today, simply by not working very much. After last night's excessively alcoholic birthday celebrations, I woke up at 4.30 feeling dehydrated and restless, head spinning with work-related nonsense. I gave up trying to fall asleep again and got up to brew tea. I surfed the net a bit, played some daft games and answered some emails. At 8am, I decided to shower and start work. Once upstairs, however, the lure of my mattress was too strong to resist and I went back to bed. Up again at 11, I staggered downstairs to discover my sister trying to Skype me so I chatted to her briefly then resolved to work.

Alas, I'd barely put the phone down when it rang again - this time, it was a mate I haven't spoken to in ages, so that was another 2 hours written off. Then I surfed the net again, answered some more emails (trivial ones). Then the phone rang a third time. This call was from a marketing guy who wants to subcontract copywriting work to me, so we had a quick chat, agreed prices and conditions and hung up on each other, both content with the arrangement.

Cue phone call number 4 - an importer who desperately needs his website sorting out. We had a lengthy chat about his business and wine (he imports exclusive wines) and I agreed to price up the work for him. I want this job because it will be really interesting and I might even get to sample the goods, which would be a bonus. That was another hour gone.

By then, it was late afternoon and I still hadn't actually done any work. I really wasn't in the mood by now, it was too late and tomorrow I'm facing a massive catch-up and a tight deadline. I'll make it by the skin of my teeth.

I blame the Armagnac I had before bedtime last night. Proof that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for business...

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